How to choose ultra-rugged phones: certifications and standards

For people working in the field, having water and dust resistant or waterproof smartphones is fundamental. Rugged phones go under stringent tests to ensure they meet high standards, for protection against shocks, extreme temperatures, and, certainly, dust and water. What is an ultra-resistant phone? Ultra-resistant, rugged or simply off-road phones have been designed to withstand […]

kpi mantenimiento

The Main KPIs of the Maintenance

In an increasingly demanding and competitive market, maintenance has become one of the keys where organizations can make a difference with respect to their direct skills. Many see in this sector a real opportunity to be more efficient and reduce production costs. But in order to achieve these goals that a good maintenance management sets […]


How can SMEs scale up?

If you want your small business to succeed, you need a plan on how to scale up. By focusing on scaling rather than only on “growing” your company can generate greater revenue without increasing costs or decreasing resources along the way. What is scaling in business? Scaling in business means increasing the size and scope […]

What are the causes of communication breakdown in business?

Communication is essential to the success of any business. A lack of clear communication can end up being prejudicial on all levels of your organization. Aproximately, one-third of all failed or delayed projects are a result of a breakdown in communication.  Being able to identify the most common breakdowns in communication can help us to […]


What is a CMMS software?

Currently, there are different softwares and applications that can help us make a preventive maintenance plan for our organizations. It is about CMMS, Computerized Maintenance Management Software. This type of software is capable of managing a database of information on all maintenance operations of a company or organization, as well as other functions that are […]

Process automation: key to greater operational efficiency

The monotonous repetitive tasks in front of a computer can become a serious obstacle to the success of any company, especially if they demotivate the person who executes them. However, today technological evolution offers simple, but powerful tools that transform this weakness into a valuable development opportunity. One of the essential principles of efficiency lies […]


How to develop an effective CRM strategy

A customer relationship management (CRM) strategy is a plan to use CRM software to increase sales and improve customer service. Before even thinking about developing a CRM strategy for your company, you should be clear about your goals and the requirements to make your business grow more efficiently. The first steps before creating a CRM […]

The 5 best tools to automatize processes

One of the most important challenges for economic development is the automation of processes. It is also a pillar of the so-called Industrial Revolution 4.0 because it refers to the ability of a technological system to execute a series of tasks that are originally performed by human beings. Transforming the industrial scene Circumscribed to Information […]

Keys to correct predictive maintenance

Maintaining the operational continuity of a company is essential to solve its success in the market. Consequently, it is important to have tools that allow identifying, before they occur, those failures capable of paralyzing its machinery and stop its production. Modern business success lies in providing agile and timely responses to increasingly dynamic and demanding […]