How mobile forms can help during natural disasters?

Natural disasters can hit any country at any time leaving the place devastated and isolated from rescue and emergency healthcare services. When a natural disaster like an earthquake or tornado hits in your area, the recovery process can be complicated. Therefore, for organizations and businesses is a challenge to get back to normal. They don’t only need to worry about implementing a recovery plan; they also need to protect their data in case the dependences have been damaged.

When you’re working on deciding what repairs need to be made after a natural catastrophe, mobile forms can be very helpful to evaluate situations and to carry out site assessments to conclude the extent of the damage.

Responding to natural disasters

In those circumstances, being able to gather all the relevant information quickly is a matter of life and death. Creating a response plan after a natural disaster is an important first step to getting operations back to normal and mobile forms can help you to assess the damage and to understand the magnitude of the problem, so you can decide the following actions.

Here we have listed few reasons why mobile forms could become essential tools in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

  • Offline functionality

Mobile forms are fully functional offline so even if cell towers or energy lines have been affected, you can still keep doing your data collection process and site assessments. All data entered in offline mode will be synchronized automatically with the central data platform as soon as an Internet connection is available again. In such manner, you make sure that no information is missed which is paramount when working after a natural disaster, under time restrictions and with limited resources.

  • Get real-time data

Mobile forms deliver insights in real-time, so once the data have been submitted, it will be immediately available which means that workflows and processes can move forward and the recovery efforts can be scheduled quickly in order to get things back on track as soon as possible.

Using mobile forms after a natural disaster, managers and supervisors can receive reports in real-time so they can understand faster the magnitude of the damage at each location.

  • Collect rich data

When you’re evaluating a natural disaster damage or making a plan for repairs, you need to have all of the information to take the right decisions. Mobile forms allow you to collect signatures, multiple photos, barcodes and add context to photos to illustrate what’s going on. They also make it simple and fast to send post-disaster summary reports or repairs for customer or stakeholders which can help managers to get a clearer picture of the circumstances so they can make better decisions and implement an efficient strategy to make the required repairs and keep the recovery process moving forward.

  • GPS locations

Capturing GPS locations allow you to record the location, date and time of when a form was completed. This feature allows managers to know which site has been affected after a natural disaster, in real-time, facilitating the following strategy and making easier to monitor tasks at different locations. They are a great tool to make fast and informed decisions saving your business time and money.

  • Improve data quality

After a major incident, it is essential trying to get accurate and reliable data from the field. There’s no time to waste on paperwork and on manual processes. Using mobile forms, you can get better data quality because there are in-depth checks on data entry quality as the survey is being carried out.

  • Facilitate data analysis

With mobile forms, data analysis is much easier because there is no need to transfer information and all the collected information can get stored in the cloud. Inspection forms and reports can be completed on a smartphone without any effort. Also, this tool can help you to keep all of your data organized


Returning to normal business operations after a natural disaster is not easy and it takes time, but mobile forms can really help you to get things back on track faster.




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