6 benefits of using an app for the management of a truck fleet

Managing a truck fleet is one of the most sensitive tasks in a company’s logistics process. The challenge is to establish procedures so that each truck works perfectly, thanks to inspection and maintenance guidelines. And its success depends on the ability to carry out this process in a methodical and thorough way on one hand, […]


What is a CMMS software?

Currently, there are different softwares and applications that can help us make a preventive maintenance plan for our organizations. It is about CMMS, Computerized Maintenance Management Software. This type of software is capable of managing a database of information on all maintenance operations of a company or organization, as well as other functions that are […]

Process automation: key to greater operational efficiency

The monotonous repetitive tasks in front of a computer can become a serious obstacle to the success of any company, especially if they demotivate the person who executes them. However, today technological evolution offers simple, but powerful tools that transform this weakness into a valuable development opportunity. One of the essential principles of efficiency lies […]

The 5 best tools to automatize processes

One of the most important challenges for economic development is the automation of processes. It is also a pillar of the so-called Industrial Revolution 4.0 because it refers to the ability of a technological system to execute a series of tasks that are originally performed by human beings. Transforming the industrial scene Circumscribed to Information […]


Keys of modern administration

The administrative modernization of a company is much more than the sum of technologies or IT infrastructure. It implies a cultural evolution based on the change of strategies, the constant updating of skills and competencies of leaders and collaborators, and the incorporation of new management tools aimed at optimizing their global efficiency in the long […]


The 10 best CRM software for SMEs in 2020

Are you a small business owner looking for the best CRM software systems that can help your company managing leads and contacts? In this post, we will look at the best CRM software for small businesses, so you can find one suitable to your organization. Why do small businesses need CRM software? When it comes […]


How to convert a paper form into a digital one free?

Today, environmental protection is a matter that concern everybody. Consequently, both companies and individuals search for alternatives to regulate, minimize or even prevent their negative impact on the planer. Due to the role that digital tools have taken in our lives, companies are beginning to use digital solutions that are environmentally friendly and help them […]


The 7 Best PDF Editor Apps

PDF files are widely used because they are a fantastic way to share information and the closest thing to digital paper. These files are relatively small are a great way of preserving the quality and formatting of a document. You can use PDF files used for eBooks, whitepapers, and anything else where you do not […]


Why your business should use electronic signatures?

Do you still print out documents, put them into envelopes, send them away and wait patiently for them to be signed and delivered? Electronic signatures are making life easier for business owners, human resources employees, and managers in different industries. Digital technology has allowed them to gather signatures from customers and employees and manage relevant […]