How to create your own survey using Google Forms, Survey Monkey, TypeForm or DataScope?

Creating your own survey is an effective way to gather information about your business operations, your customers’ demographics and your company’s main challenges and flaws. Creating your own survey is a great option for people and organizations who would like to conduct their own research without spending excessive amounts of time and money. Using online […]

Llenar una encuesta en Google Forms sin internet

Can you fill out a survey on Google Forms… offline?

Google Forms are the most popular and efficient tools worldwide to create all kinds of online surveys. Being totally free, offering a lot of question options, and having a full integration with the other Google Drive tools (allowing to add data from different spreadsheets, for example), Google Forms quickly became a simple way to create […]

El jefe de operaciones y su rol clave en la transformación digital

Chief operations officer and his key role in the digital transformation

Overwhelmed by the high responsibility, endless working hours, and the need to report daily to the company’s general management, the chief operations officer’ position is very complex and challenging, and it seems to never end. The high level of requirements needed, the large set of skills, qualifications and strengths needed makes the candidate selection process […]

Why use offline forms to collect data?

If our company depends on data collection from remote or poorly accessible locations where there is no Internet signal, are we forced to use old fashioned tools, such as pen and paper, instead of mobile or online forms, to prevent losing vital information in the process? In cases like these, a lot of companies don’t […]

Discovering new uses for form builders

We have all been there: we walk in a store to buy something, and whether because nobody helped us, or because the payment system went down, we decide to walk out. That explains one of the most common concerns of company managers: to make the customers’ shopping experience as easy as possible. Simplifying the shopping […]

escritório sem papel ao alcance das suas mãos

The paperless office utopia, within the reach of your hand

The paperless office is a long-range utopia, ever since the personal computers started becoming popular. Years later, the term gained a new lease of life with the huge range of possibilities the Internet brought. Following the ultimate goal of transforming the physical processes into digital and mobile opportunities, the promise of building a paperless office […]

5 fatos sobre a coleta de dados remota

5 Concepts Surrounding Remote Data Collection

What kind of company can ignore change without falling behind its competition? Facing a digital and mobile revolution taking over the whole planet which reinvents the traditional working methods, public and private organizations of all sizes are looking at technology as a way to adapt to the new scenario, or else die trying… In this […]

Benefícios de usar formulários móveis nas empresas

4 things paper forms won’t do for your company

Paper forms became the undisputed kings of data collection for decades. However the arrival of computers, the Internet and smartphones among other tech developments, maked the end of an era for paper forms. How many companies keep filing cabinets full of paper forms and other similar documents collecting dust, when they could be digitalized so […]

Mobile form and its revolution of information management

Wouldn’t you like to close the office after a hard day’s work and check out that all the assigned tasks were completed successfully, without even touching a single paper file? In our present intensely mediated by technology, the mobile form has become an essential management tool to reach the objectives your company has set out […]

Mobile presales: doing business from the palm of your hand

Many companies are suffering the same problem: they can’t consolidate their sales instantly, delaying not only the consolidation of scattered information but also -which is even more serious- delaying additional time to deliver the orders to their customers. If you and your company are committed to embrace innovation with mobile solutions to achieve high impact […]