Field operations, enhanced by mobile forms

Smartphones clearly have made an impact in changing things, not only in our private lives. Mobile apps are also causing a revolution in the labour market. For example, big and small companies specialized in field operations are incorporating software for mobile devices available at all times for its workers, and they are setting the trend […]

How to know when to upgrade your medical history forms

The health industry is trying to adjust to the outbreak of new technologies such as Internet and mobile devices. Just like other industries in which new tech tools are being added to improve or supplement the “traditional ways” how things were done until now, the world of medicine is promoting changes in essential documents such […]

Benefícios de coletar dados com dispositivos móveis

7 advantages of field data collection with mobile devices

Field data collection can be a tricky process, which requires a lot of resources. Companies which install, monitor, or service equipment in the field, know that their productivity is directly linked to the efficiency of their methods to collect and share data between field workers and the office. The challenges to the operational efficiency in […]

The time to adopt mobile forms is now

In a previous article we talked about the adoption of mobile forms and the subsequent increase in your company’s productivity. But in this article we’ll show you the reasons why now it can be the perfect time to integrate mobile forms to your company’s operations. According to Forbes, when it comes to mobile strategies, many […]

Conheça os custos de usar documentos em papel

Are you aware of the costs of using paper documents?

You may think that storing paper records of all actions your business takes part in is a good idea. You should reconsider that. As an article from El Cronista states, reality is quite different. The trend of turning paper forms into electronic forms is presented as a network management tool for companies, as well as […]

Going paperless: ¿why should we give paper away?

Last November 4 was World Paper Free Day. We shouldn’t think this is just another day, so it’s important to think how do we use paper daily, and we should evaluate if it’s convenient to go paperless given the advantages the digitalization of documents and processes can bring. Every year American office workers print enough […]

80% of small and mid-sized companies prefer digital forms over paper forms

There are many technological developments that any company can apply to reduce costs greatly, and digital forms are one of them. Its revolutionary technology increases their productivity significantly, reducing time wastage which costs companies big or small important amounts of money each year. In fact, the business world already knows the advantages of the migration […]

What you need to know about Software as a Service

Have you ever heard about Software as a Service? Probably it’s a concept you’ll hear at your company quite often in the next few years. A branch of cloud computing, Software as a service (SaaS) is a new distribution model that is rapidly gaining popularity with businesses all over the world. These services lets businesses […]

Llenar una encuesta en Google Forms sin internet

Can you use Google Forms offline?

Google Forms are probably the best known and most popular tools available to create online forms, thanks to its stupendous integration with other tools of this online platform, such as Google Drive (for example, you can export the data to a Google sheet to analyze them more comfortably). On the other hand, it allows choosing […]

beneficios de la firma electrónica para su organización

How can your organization benefit from the electronic signature?

Tools of digital technology nowadays offer benefits that if seized, help boost the performance of any traditional process still depending on a physical medium. It’s the case of the electronic signature: a legal concept and the electronic equivalent to a person’s unique signature, the electronic signature means a person accepts the contents of an electronic […]