escritório sem papel ao alcance das suas mãos

The paperless office utopia, within the reach of your hand

The paperless office is a long-range utopia, ever since the personal computers started becoming popular. Years later, the term gained a new lease of life with the huge range of possibilities the Internet brought. Following the ultimate goal of transforming the physical processes into digital and mobile opportunities, the promise of building a paperless office […]

Benefícios de usar formulários móveis nas empresas

4 things paper forms won’t do for your company

Paper forms became the undisputed kings of data collection for decades. However the arrival of computers, the Internet and smartphones among other tech developments, maked the end of an era for paper forms. How many companies keep filing cabinets full of paper forms and other similar documents collecting dust, when they could be digitalized so […]

Conheça os custos de usar documentos em papel

Are you aware of the costs of using paper documents?

You may think that storing paper records of all actions your business takes part in is a good idea. You should reconsider that. As an article from El Cronista states, reality is quite different. The trend of turning paper forms into electronic forms is presented as a network management tool for companies, as well as […]

Going paperless: ¿why should we give paper away?

Last November 4 was World Paper Free Day. We shouldn’t think this is just another day, so it’s important to think how do we use paper daily, and we should evaluate if it’s convenient to go paperless given the advantages the digitalization of documents and processes can bring. Every year American office workers print enough […]

beneficios de la firma electrónica para su organización

How can your organization benefit from the electronic signature?

Tools of digital technology nowadays offer benefits that if seized, help boost the performance of any traditional process still depending on a physical medium. It’s the case of the electronic signature: a legal concept and the electronic equivalent to a person’s unique signature, the electronic signature means a person accepts the contents of an electronic […]

10 razões para abandonar de vez os formulários em papel

10 Reasons to dismiss paper forms

  • September 8th, 2016
  • Paperless EN
  • Nicolás Serrano

All around the world the digitalization of paper documents is getting more and more popular among companies. In Chile, for example, after the enforcement of the mandatory electronic invoicing on August 1st, 331,000 companies switched from printed to electronic invoices, and nearly 86% of the total invoices issued daily are digital, according to the newspaper […]