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How to choose a maintenance strategy?

When choosing a maintenance strategy for a given piece of equipment, it may be tempting to go with either the most effective or the least expensive option. Choosing the right maintenance strategy can be a challenging process. You need to consider many factors such as value of equipment and cost of any failure. The main […]

MTTR: ​​ How to calculate it and how to reduce it

Even the most efficient maintenance teams experience equipment failures. There are different types of failures but in the most basic terms, failure means that a system, component, or a device does not longer produce the desired results.  Managing failure is essential to reduce the negative impact on businesses. Some metrics can help you to understand […]

Job safety analysis for safer field work

Digital technology offers modern solutions that allow to carry out this task in a more agile, efficient and proactive way. Something especially valuable to reduce the risks of incidents at work and to face the current health contingency scenario. Along with the physical infrastructure and technical equipment, Human Capital is vital to the success of […]

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Keys to preventive maintenance

This strategy is essential for operational efficiency and commercial success of any company. However, there are certain advantages and disadvantages, as well as technical and methodological details, which should always be considered before developing and applying the respective plan. Preventive maintenance is very important to running a business, as it increases the useful life of […]

How to use smartphones in maintenance management?

The technological evolution has been responsible for the development of several innovative solutions in different industries. Smartphones is one of the most used technologies worldwide. At present, almost everyone has a smartphone that is not only used for a personal purpose, but also as a work tool.  For maintenance, mobile technology is particularly important. A […]

How to apply a correct risk assessment template

Implementing these security tools with a clear, precise and concrete methodology constitutes a vital support to consolidate the competitiveness and commercial success of any company or organization. Human Capital is a fundamental pillar for the success of any company or organization. Consequently, recognizing and preventing occupational risks that affect its performance is a key factor […]

Workplace safety checklist: best practices and 5 mistakes to avoid

A workplace safety checklist is a tool used by safety officers to inspect office workplace environments to identify unsafe conditions and work practices that are likely to provoke injuries. These types of checklists can also help organizations apply the latest best practices for situations or changes in the workplace that affect lives and livelihood. Each […]

6 benefits of using an app for the management of a truck fleet

Managing a truck fleet is one of the most sensitive tasks in a company’s logistics process. The challenge is to establish procedures so that each truck works perfectly, thanks to inspection and maintenance guidelines. And its success depends on the ability to carry out this process in a methodical and thorough way on one hand, […]

A complete guide to predictive maintenance

For anyone associated with manufacturing, the word “maintenance” is very familiar. The difference between preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance lies in the methods used, the amount of lead-time you have for a task, and the precision of scheduling. Predictive maintenance (PdM) is in the same family as preventive maintenance. They are both proactive types of […]

The modern checklists in the maintenance of agricultural machinery

The operational continuity of its inputs and technical equipment is essential to ensure the productive efficiency of a vital sector for the population’s food sustenance. A strategic objective where the use of digital technology and mobile applications increase its importance, thanks to its greater competitive advantages. Modern society bases its progress and development on the […]