How to use Power Bi?

Data is the keystone of modern businesses, and we are generating more of it than ever. However, to being able to take advantage of tones of digital information in benefits of our organizations we need an effective business intelligence software. What is power BI? Power BI is a collection of software services, apps, and connectors […]


How to convert a paper form into a digital one free?

Today, environmental protection is a matter that concern everybody. Consequently, both companies and individuals search for alternatives to regulate, minimize or even prevent their negative impact on the planer. Due to the role that digital tools have taken in our lives, companies are beginning to use digital solutions that are environmentally friendly and help them […]


How to keep control of your operations from your home?

Stock markets are plunging, supply chains are being disrupted, and in the middle of it all, many small and medium-sized businesses are asking more employees to work from home as the novel coronavirus outbreak continues to spread. The pandemic is redefining the way teams communicate and work. At present, remote work has become the norm […]


Global recession: How can technology help business?

Financial markets are facing their worst crisis since 1929. Coronavirus will have a devastating effect on the global economy and it might submerge the world into a recession. Beyond the employment issues, the economic impact of COVID-19 will also affect to housing and goods production and services. The vulnerability of major economies is the most […]

How can businesses deal with coronavirus?

Coronavirus has affected business around the world. Despite cases continuing to rise, people and companies should not panic. It is not too late for businesses to set up and emergency plan and prepare for a worsening outbreak. In Asia and Europe, some businesses are enforcing morning video chats to communicate with their workers and food-delivery […]


Increase your sales using POS systems

Point of sale systems enable business transaction between the client and the company. POS system is a computerized network that shows you exactly which products you have sold on daily or monthly bases, how much money you have made from sales and how much staff you have in your warehouse. How POS systems can increase […]


Top 6 best calendar apps in 2020

For businesses is essential that appointments and tasks are correctly displayed, and kept up to date on every device. A calendar app can help you to keep track of important dates and events. What makes for a good calendar? The first and most relevant requirement is a fast and reliable synchronization of appointments and tasks […]


Mobile technology trends to watch out for in 2020

During last year mobile has been a central part in our lives and everything indicates that this trend will continue to be strong in 2020. There are many reasons to expect that this year will be a big year for  mobile developments. Here we have compiled some of the main mobile trends to watch out […]


How can your business reduce paper consumption?

The impact of paper consumption on the environment is real. Only in U.S., paper represent around 26% of municipal solid waste landfills. The U.S. cuts down about 68 million trees each year to produce paper products and approximately 18 million acres of forest are chopped each year to paper production At global level, paper use […]

mobile forms for manufacturing

How to use mobile forms for manufacturing industry?

Paper forms may obstruct your manufacturing workflows with endless manual and tedious tasks. By using mobile manufacturing forms, your team can gather critical manufacturing data more expediently, increasing efficiencies whilst saving time and resources spent on operations and communication. Here we will show you how manufacturing industry can use mobile forms on their operations; Quotation […]