Equipment Installation and Maintenance

Do you want to improve your company’s services of maintenance? We will show you the benefits that the digital transformation can bring to your business!
DataScope is the ideal tool for managing equipment installation and maintenance services, providing increased productivity to your workforce.

| |   Execute work orders with our app even without internet  | |   

With the DataScope app, your company’s technical staff can complete work orders and document activities performed in the field using their smartphones or tablets. In case they don’t have a connection to the internet, all data is still saved and synchronized later. No information gets lost!

| |   Record useful information without using any paper!   | |

With our Form Builder you can create a work order according to your business needs. Without the hassles of paper, you can easily supplement records by adding photos (using the mobile device camera), geolocation, as well as scanning barcodes and QR (useful for recording replacements or inputs), among others.

| |   Easily manage the field visits of your staff.   | | 

Using our Task Assignment module you will be able to schedule all the services your staff members need to complete, indicating to each member of the team which clients to visit, the time scheduled and the activities to be executed. The technician can check his activities at any time and the manager can monitor the completion of tasks from the office through the control panel available in the DataScope app.

| |   Keep your partners informed.   | | 

Each time a form is submitted to the DataScope app, a PDF document with the work order or service is automatically generated. With our PDF Editor, you can create a custom report with the records of the activities finished.
With the DataScope app you can also enable Automatic Email Notifications, so your customers and staff can receive the service or work order in their inbox each time an activity is completed on your customer’s establishment.