Field Surveys

How DataScope can streamline information gathering through surveys.

DataScope is the ideal tool to perform field surveys simply and efficiently, without paper and transcription of information.

| |   Make your surveys with our app, even if there is no internet!   | |

Using our app, the staff responsible for data collection in field can visit different places and answer personalized forms using their smartphones or tablets. In case there is no internet connection available, all the information is still recorded and synchronized later, when the device is connected. With DataScope no information is lost!

| |   Create the ideal questionnaire for each process!   | |

Using our Form Builder you can create surveys according to your company’s needs. We have different functionalities that simplify the data collection in field, reducing the occurrence of errors in the information input and also in the time required to fill out the answers of each respondent. Without the hassles of working with paper, DataScope provides different features to complement the form submitted. It is possible to add photos (using the device’s camera), geolocation, digital signature and more.

| |   Manage your team’s surveys!   | |

With our Task Assignment module you can input the activities to be performed by each of your team members, informing them of the place and the time scheduled for each visit. You can also easily monitor task completion through our control panel.

| |   Survey analytics in your hands!   | |

Our Custom Charts module allows you to receive indicators of finished surveys in real time. Create custom graphical spreadsheets with indicators that are relevant to each survey and make the data analysis process easier.

| |   Your results on your favorite platform!   | |

DataScope allows you to easily download spreadsheets in Excel and Google Sheets with the collected data. Do you use any software to manage survey results? You don’t need to worry: we offer different integration options. All information collected through our platform can be automatically entered into any integration-capable system.