Digitize your company's operations with our no-code platform

DataScope allows you to collect the data of your operation through mobile forms. Consolidate data on the platform and facilitate decision making.

Efficient teams in the field

Improve team management, assigning tasks with notifications to the team in the field. Get multiple benefits from a well-optimized workflow.

Centralized Data

Improve team management, assigning tasks with notifications to the team in the field. Get multiple benefits from a well-optimized workflow

Full reports

Generate custom reports in design and data format. Automatically share them with the right people

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DataScope in 3 steps

1. Set up your account

Create your free account and customize it in minutes.

2. Submit forms anywhere

Collect data using our app, even if you don't have the internet access.

3. Get the data

You can access your DataScope account from anywhere to view, manage, and export your data.

The features you need to manage your operations efficiently

Task Assigner

Assign forms to field technicians in the office. Know when the task starts, ends and where it was done. Easily manage your team.

Create custom reports

Create fully customized PDF templates, add your company logo, structure the data, images, signatures ... Each time a form is answered, a document is generated.

Report by email

At the end of a form, notify the indicated persons with the information collected. You will be able to personalize the content and to whom the mail will be directed.

Notify your field specialists

When assigning a task, the field technician will receive a notification on his mobile device with the service order to be completed, indicating place, start time and deadlines.

Works offline

In case of not having an internet connection, technicians will be able to continue filling out forms without any problem. The app will automatically send the collected data once the internet is back.

Collect data in different formats

With DataScope you can collect different types of multimedia content, such as GPS location, photos, timestamps, QR code scanners, and digital signatures.

Load your databases. Upload lists of clients, workers, locations or whatever you need.

Create data checklists including dynamic lists

Automate workflows and free up time for important tasks.

Define the statuses of the work orders. Approve, reject or create your own.

API request connection for developers requiring full integration.

Connect DataScope with your favorite applications and automate workflows

Integrate your account with more than 3,000 applications

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