How digital technology can help SMEs to stay afloat?

Our societies have been transforming during this pandemic. We have been tested in a variety of ways every day while adapting ourselves to new working and learning routines. Much harder tests come from closing business or losing jobs. Many of us are trying to learn new skills to re-enter the workplace after the crisis and a large number of businesses are trying to reinvent themselves to stay afloat and survive.
Given their characteristics, SMEs are especially vulnerable to economic crisis, and yet, they represent a key pillar for the local economy. It is essential that small businesses across the globe weather the pandemic because they are vital to every nation’s economy. Their survival or downfall can affect us all in these uncertain times.
The current crisis is accelerating digital transformation, but also has the potential to accelerate the digital divide. At present, there are many technology-oriented solutions that can help your businesses to overcome this crisis. Digital technologies can be essential not just survive, but to thrive even during challenging times.

Are digital solutions the answer to business continuity?

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