Mobile apps revolutionize field data collection

Countless companies are joining the trend of using mobile apps to upgrade the management of their processes. Among these is the field data collection, a process of multiple complexities used by the most diverse industries and which regularly, due to internal problems associated to its handling, sparks conflicts with customers, from which companies can’t recover from. Gathering data and obtaining territorial information can be done via field data collection through mobile devices, taking advantage of the constant expansion of mobile phone networks, therefore reaching remoter areas every time.
The adoption of mobile channels for the field data collection is now a phenomenon that’s reaching sectors which once used to be reluctant to technology, such as the construction industry. Mobile technology, once the domain of early-adopters and outliers, is now mainstream, thanks to improving connectivity and mobile device computing power. Mid-level firms that just a few years ago could delay the adoption of mobile technology must now make a substantial investment just to keep up with their competition.