Why having a website is so important for your business?

Internet has completely changed the way people look for information, make purchases and connect to brands, so it is essential to reach consumers through a variety of platforms. Today we have many social networks that allow the creation of free or low-cost profiles and some people wonder if it is still necessary to have a […]

Pasos para mantener las órdenes de trabajo organizadas

How to use mobile forms for quality control inspections?

Business managers attempt to meet the highest quality standards in all their factories and stores to deliver the best possible products to customers. Until a few years ago, quality control inspection systems were traditionally done on paper and clipboard forms, which meant that field inspectors had to rewrite reports to send them back to the […]

software for the food industry

Ensuring quality in the food industry

The food industry, like the rest of the industries, has been evolving and integrating technological solutions into their production and distribution processes to adapt themselves to the current market requirements and the consumers ever evolving needs and demands. Food companies attempt to offer the highest quality product in order to gain their consumers’ trust. To […]

Vantagens e desvantagens do Google Forms

Advantages and disadvantages of Google forms

Google forms are widely used to create surveys easily and quickly since they allow you to plan events, ask questions to your employees or clients and collect diverse type of information in a simple and efficient way. Google forms allow us to include different types of questions such as short answers, paragraphs, multiple selection, verification boxes, pull-down, […]


How to improve your company’s internal communication?

Using internal communication as a strategic tool will help you to motivate your team, retain the best talent, get the best out of each employees and increase your company´s productivity. Having an efficient, productive and fluid internal communication should be an absolute priority for any business regardless of its size, the number of workers or […]


How to get a paperless office?

Do you want to reduce paper consumption in your company? Here we have selected some tips that might help you to get a paper-free office. Eliminating or reducing paper usage in offices can help you to improve business processes, increase your productivity levels and reduce costs. In a time when technology has made it possible […]


How to measure customers’ satisfaction?

Know what our clients think about our company is essential for our brand image and to understand our position in a highly competitive market. How to know what our customers think about our brand? We simply must ask for feedback How to ask for feedback from our customers? There are different ways to request and […]


What is the cloud and how does it work?

In simple terms, the cloud allows you to store and access data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. The cloud is just a metaphor for the Internet. It goes back to the days of the flowcharts and to the presentations that represented the gigantic Internet server infrastructure as a bloated white […]

10 livros para empresários e líderes

10 books that every Manager, Director and CEO should read

If being a leader was easy, then everyone would do it. What exactly sets apart those who reached the pinnacle of business achievement? What is their secret? As an aspiring leader, your goal should be to create not just a good company, but a great one and to do so it’s important to learn from […]


Advantages of using mobile forms

Mobile forms save time and optimize the resources of your company and employees. That is why more and more companies are choosing them. If you are not using them yet, here we have few reasons why you should adopt them as soon as possible. Mobile forms allow your company to be more productive. Mobile forms can […]

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