Best Mobile Forms Automation Software 2020

As you might know, mobile forms are electronic records that collect information and send them back to a server for secure digital storage. These tools can improve workflow processes, enhance productivity and ultimately help businesses grow. Mobile forms solutions are software solutions that enable organizations to create and distribute mobile digital forms to customers, employees […]


How to improve field service management?

Behind every organization, there are teams that install, maintain and repair equipment on site, and manage people and processes in order to accomplish the tasks. This work requires a huge logistical challenge, and it could be hard to assess when you don’t have access to all necessary data and when you are not using the […]


Save time and money with mobile forms

Would you like to save time, save money and increase productivity at your small business? Making the switch from paper forms to mobile forms could be the answer. Digitizing your forms is one of the most obvious ways to increase productivity and to lower operational costs. In this post, we will analyze how digitization and mobile […]


How to keep control of your operations from your home?

Stock markets are plunging, supply chains are being disrupted, and in the middle of it all, many small and medium-sized businesses are asking more employees to work from home as the novel coronavirus outbreak continues to spread. The pandemic is redefining the way teams communicate and work. At present, remote work has become the norm […]


10 Best video conferencing software for 2020

  • abril 2nd, 2020
  • Technology
  • Sandra Melo

Video conferencing software market has increase during the last five years thanks to globalization. With the current spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), many organizations have asked their employees to work from home. With a video conferencing solution, you and your team can work together or with customers and stakeholders effectively, no matter where they are […]


Global recession: How can technology help business?

Financial markets are facing their worst crisis since 1929. Coronavirus will have a devastating effect on the global economy and it might submerge the world into a recession. Beyond the employment issues, the economic impact of COVID-19 will also affect to housing and goods production and services. The vulnerability of major economies is the most […]


Cloud storage vs local storage: What is the right for your business?

  • marzo 24th, 2020
  • Technology
  • Sandra Melo

Over the past five years, cloud technology has become very popular because it allows organizations and individuals to access software and hardware managed by a service provider on-demand. Cloud storage certainly offers benefits to many businesses; nevertheless, some organizations are finding that local storage is a more effective solution. To start with, we should be […]

Coronavirus crisis: Tips to effective leadership

As the world and businesses struggle to make sense of and face the coronavirus threat, leadership will be tested in many ways. How do you act quickly in the midst of so much uncertainty and risks? At the macro level, successful companies will “mirror biology as Darwin concluded; those who survive are not the strongest […]


Best software to work from remotely

COVID-19 has led many companies to tell their employees to work from home. For some of them, this is a dream come true, but for others, is a new reality, which brings some challenges. To start with, you will need some tools to communicate, track time and staying organized, among other things. We recently published […]

How can businesses deal with coronavirus?

Coronavirus has affected business around the world. Despite cases continuing to rise, people and companies should not panic. It is not too late for businesses to set up and emergency plan and prepare for a worsening outbreak. In Asia and Europe, some businesses are enforcing morning video chats to communicate with their workers and food-delivery […]