4 keys to increase your company’s ROI

The Return on Investment (ROI) which measures the efficiency between an investment and the benefits of that investment -expressed as a percentage- is one of the most commonly used metrics to calculate if your company’s strategies are delivering results. What are we doing with the ROI? The transformation of our clients towards mobile consumption, and […]

El jefe de operaciones y su rol clave en la transformación digital

Chief operations officer and his key role in the digital transformation

Overwhelmed by the high responsibility, endless working hours, and the need to report daily to the company’s general management, the chief operations officer’ position is very complex and challenging, and it seems to never end. The high level of requirements needed, the large set of skills, qualifications and strengths needed makes the candidate selection process […]

6 apps para avaliação de danos em desastres naturais

6 apps supporting damage assessment work upon natural disasters

Right now, the United States and the Caribbean are experiencing a devastating hurricane season, bringing winds so intense that have caused the destruction of infrastructure, massive energy blackouts and the loss of human lives in different countries of the area. As it passes through Miami, hurricane Irma has already turned into the first storm in […]

Why use offline forms to collect data?

If our company depends on data collection from remote or poorly accessible locations where there is no Internet signal, are we forced to use old fashioned tools, such as pen and paper, instead of mobile or online forms, to prevent losing vital information in the process? In cases like these, a lot of companies don’t […]

Como inovar o gerenciamento de segurança da sua empresa?

How to innovate the safety management area in your company?

We’re living in a time of change caused by a digital transformation process in the business world, and many safety management systems have become dramatically obsolete. Managers and employees require a sense of urgency and a dynamic approach in terms of safety management which can’t depend on old-fashioned data collection methods. In this regard, if […]

Discovering new uses for form builders

We have all been there: we walk in a store to buy something, and whether because nobody helped us, or because the payment system went down, we decide to walk out. That explains one of the most common concerns of company managers: to make the customers’ shopping experience as easy as possible. Simplifying the shopping […]

escritório sem papel ao alcance das suas mãos

The paperless office utopia, within the reach of your hand

The paperless office is a long-range utopia, ever since the personal computers started becoming popular. Years later, the term gained a new lease of life with the huge range of possibilities the Internet brought. Following the ultimate goal of transforming the physical processes into digital and mobile opportunities, the promise of building a paperless office […]

3 Cases of 2.0 Installation and Management Services

Despite the huge variety of activities they carry out, specialized companies in installation and management services face similar problems whenever measures are implemented in order to strengthen the proper existing practice according to the industry’s standards and current legal requirements. But what do all these companies have in common? The use of paper-based systems keeping […]

5 fatos sobre a coleta de dados remota

5 Concepts Surrounding Remote Data Collection

What kind of company can ignore change without falling behind its competition? Facing a digital and mobile revolution taking over the whole planet which reinvents the traditional working methods, public and private organizations of all sizes are looking at technology as a way to adapt to the new scenario, or else die trying… In this […]

How can you drive field service productivity?

Achieving a sustained increase in productivity, coming from the workers themselves instead of coming from external stimulation, is a pending matter for any company in Latin America. If your company suffers from low field service productivity, you may need to read the following paragraphs to find out what to do to solve it. How to […]