beneficios de la firma electrónica para su organización

How can your organization benefit from the electronic signature?

Tools of digital technology nowadays offer benefits that if seized, help boost the performance of any traditional process still depending on a physical medium. It’s the case of the electronic signature: a legal concept and the electronic equivalent to a person’s unique signature, the electronic signature means a person accepts the contents of an electronic […]

Vantagens das pesquisas off-line

5 advantages of offline surveys versus digital questionnaires

Who hasn’t completed a survey at least once? From offline surveys (on paper forms) for population censuses, to digital questionnaires which became popular in different platforms since the arrival of Internet, these old data collection techniques are still as popular as ever both on a corporative level and on the public sector. In this regard, […]

New work order forms reshape the work habits of the future

Technology is changing work habits quickly and companies are forced to understand our constantly changing, ever more interconnected world in order to adapt or disappear. Work habits are being redefined all around us, we just need to look up to see them. One of these transformations is the emergence of the mobile office. Concerning the […]

Transformación digital en el gobierno

How to use online forms to increase your company’s efficiency?

In previous articles we mentioned the advantages of mobile forms to improve your business, and we offered 10 reasons to dismiss paper forms. But if you are still not sure how your company should use the benefits of online forms, we can give you some helpful clues. To avoid repeating ourselves with what we have […]

5 fields where mobile solutions are revolutionizing how companies work

Mobile phones have spread beyond the personal use, to penetrate fully into the business world. In this line, the demands of companies for services allowing employees to use their own mobile devices to stay connected during work have multiplied by ten during 2015, according to the newspaper Pulso. However, due to the lack of knowledge […]

10 ótimos aplicativos para negócios

The 10 best mobile business apps

The market for apps is growing exponentially, and the segment of mobile business apps creates huge interest from companies worldwide to innovate obsolete processes and to increase the productivity of their companies. According to the online website, by 2017 one out of 3 CEOs of the 3,000 biggest companies in Latin America will emphasize […]

Electronic forms: which requirements must they meet?

El Mercurio newspaper has recently announced that all customs procedures between the Chilean (Arica) and Peruan (Tacna) border will be done electronically, benefiting 17 thousand people crossing the border daily. The implementation of this electronic support, which will replace paper forms the users are currently obligated to fill, will represent a reduction in control times […]

Mobile solutions to field services

The boom of mobile technology has motivated more and more companies to dare enforcing this sort of tools to track their operations in real time. According to a Corporate Mobility Study developed by the company Nubison, 60% of the surveyed companies considered that the importance of mobile technology for their organization is high, and 58% […]