The 5 best tools to automatize processes

One of the most important challenges for economic development is the automation of processes. It is also a pillar of the so-called Industrial Revolution 4.0 because it refers to the ability of a technological system to execute a series of tasks that are originally performed by human beings. Transforming the industrial scene Circumscribed to Information […]

Keys to correct predictive maintenance

Maintaining the operational continuity of a company is essential to solve its success in the market. Consequently, it is important to have tools that allow identifying, before they occur, those failures capable of paralyzing its machinery and stop its production. Modern business success lies in providing agile and timely responses to increasingly dynamic and demanding […]


How to apply a remote attendance control for field workers

One of the fundamental principles in labor laws is the control of the workers’ attendance. Establishing the exact number of hours worked, each person’s entry and exit times, overtime hours and absences for matters no related to the job is a pillar of the employment relationship. In the era of digital transformation, an electronic system […]

Work orders: everything you need to know about them

Work orders are the engine of your maintenance operation. They are document that provides information about a maintenance task and summarize the process for completing that task. A maintenance work order is an authorization to perform requested activities. Once work requests are reviewed and approved an official work order is send it over. Work orders […]

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3 KPIs to measure the productivity of your teams in mobile work

Technological advances in connectivity have allowed a significant number of people to carry out their work mobile, either moving between different places or points away from the office. Although this work system provides greater flexibility and a more comprehensive and accurate outreach with clients, the absence of computers in the office creates greater difficulties when […]


Keys of modern administration

The administrative modernization of a company is much more than the sum of technologies or IT infrastructure. It implies a cultural evolution based on the change of strategies, the constant updating of skills and competencies of leaders and collaborators, and the incorporation of new management tools aimed at optimizing their global efficiency in the long […]

The “secrets” of root cause analysis

  • agosto 31st, 2020
  • Productivity
  • Francisco Gonzalez

This successful problem solving and continuous improvement methodology, identifies the root causes of a contingency, going beyond its superficial effects, showing at what exact point the processes or systems failed, and preventing future similar crises. Those who have faced an emergency, in their personal or work life, know that it is much more effective to […]

Five steps to creating a productive maintenance plan

It is estimated that companies that adopt a reactive strategy to deal with their breakdowns spend 50% of their time doing emergency repairs, which are up to five times more expensive. This is why taking a more preventive and purposeful strategy is key. And although it is impossible to foresee all the breakdowns that can […]


Why and how to perform a Gemba Walk?

Gemba walk is an opportunity to capture topics and concerns related to how effectively your team is performing. What is a Gemba Walk? A Gemba Walk is a walkthrough to observe and ask employees about their tasks in order to identify productivity gains. The word comes from the Japanese word “Gemba” or “Gembutsu” which means […]


Best technological options to improve work on site

Today, the generous IT market offers diverse equipment and data management platforms, which, thanks to the versatility and efficiency of their functions, contribute significantly to optimizing the daily performance of assets, infrastructure and human teams. Operational efficiency is, without a doubt, one of the structural bases of all productive or service activities. Moreover, a precise […]