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This comprehensive iso 22000 audit checklist converted using DataScope is composed of 5 sections - management responsibility and resources, planning and realization of safe products, validation, verification, and improvement of food safety management system (fsms). this checklist helps evaluate if the organization has implemented, established and maintained an effective fsms. it also ensures control over outsourced processes that may affect end product conformity. use DataScope to generate on the spot reports and assign urgent corrective actions to appropriate team members or vendors.

Clause 4

Does the FSMS documentation include:
Does a documented procedure exist to define the controls needed:
Please proceed to Section 5.

Clause 5

Is top management able to provide evidence that the effectiveness of the food safety management system is continually improved by:
Does top management ensure that the food safety policy:
Does top management ensure that:
Has top management appointed a food safety team leader who, irrespective of other responsibilities, shall have responsibility and authority:
NOTE: The responsibility of the food safety team leader may include liaison with external parties on matters relating to the food safety management system.
Has the organization established, implemented and maintained effective arrangements for communicating with:
Has the organization ensured that the food safety team is informed in a timely manner of changes, including but not limited to the following:
Does the input to management review include information about:
Does the output from the management review include any decisions and actions related to:
Please proceed to Section 6

Clause 6

Does the organization:
Please proceed to Section 7.

Clause 7

Has the organization established, implemented and maintained PRP(s) to assist in controlling:
Are the PRP(s):
Does the organization consider the following (when establishing PRP(s)):
Are all raw materials, ingredients and product-contact materials described in documents to the extent needed to conduct the hazard analysis, including the following, as appropriate:
Are the characteristics of end products described in documents to the extent needed to conduct the hazard analysis, including information on the following, as appropriate:
Do flow diagrams, as appropriate, include the following:
Is the identification based on:
Is the consideration - when identifying the hazards - given to:
Is each selected control measure categorized as to whether it needs to be managed through operational PRP(s) or by the HACCP plan, using a logical approach that includes assessments with regard to the following:
Are the operational PRPs included the following information for each programme:
Is the HACCP plan included the following information for each identified critical control point (CCP):
Does the monitoring system consist of relevant procedures, instructions, and records that cover the following:
Do the actions ensure that:
Does the organization update the following information in operational PRP(s) and/or the HACCP plan, if necessary:
Do the verification activities confirm that:
Is a documented procedure established and maintained defining:
Does the organization handle nonconforming products by taking action(s) to prevent the nonconforming product from entering the food chain unless it is possible to ensure that
Is each lot of product affected by the nonconformity released as safe only when any of the following conditions apply:
Is the lot of product - which is not acceptable for release - handled (after evaluation) by one of the following activities:
To enable and facilitate the complete and timely withdrawal of lots of end products which have been identified as unsafe
Please proceed to Section 8.

Clause 8

Does the organization validate (prior to implementation of control measures to be included in operational PRP(s) and the HACCP plan and after any change therein) that:
Are the measuring equipment and methods used:
Does the organization conduct internal audits at planned intervals to determine whether the food safety management system:
Does action – taken for achieving the required conformity – include (but is not limited to), review of:
Is the analysis carried out in order
Are the evaluation and updating activities based on:
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