The simple helpdesk for SaaS and eCommerce businesses.

Customer Support Groove
The simple helpdesk for SaaS and eCommerce businesses.
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Simplicity matters. When you're answering dozens of support emails each day, every second you wait for a message to load is time that could have been better spent improving your products, writing a blog post, or anything else needed to push your company forward. It's not that you shouldn't spend time answering your customers' issues—it's that your support app needs to be optimized to help you work as fast as possible.A team inbox where all your support messages come into one place can help—as can a support tool that works right from your personal email inbox. And with Groove, you'll get both along with the other tools you need to manage support easily.Read MoreGroove's online support interface is quick and easy to use. You'll see a list of all new and open messages—including Twitter mentions and posts on your Facebook page—along with a list of your inboxes on the left and recent activity from you and your team on the right. Select a message, and it'll load almost instantly with your cursor in the reply box ready to dash out a new message.Individual tickets include a sidebar, where you'll see customer info from social networks, CRM integrations and more, along with their older tickets. You can add a note for your team, snooze a message to have it come back later—great for remembering to reply to a customer after their issue is resolved—and options to add tags and notes to your emails. There's even saved replies, so you can reuse your most common replies without having to type them in again each time, and automations to route messages to the right people. It's everything you'd expect in a team support inbox.But you don't have to answer tickets there. You could, instead, have Groove email you whenever you get a new support ticket, so you can reply right from your favorite email app. Then, you can include commands with @ symbols at the bottom of your message to close a ticket, add a tag, or assign it to another team member. It's a perfect way to include everyone on your team in support and get their input on tricky cases, then letting them join in right from their email inbox.The time Groove saves you in replying to customers will add up, so you'll want to check the Reports page to see how well your team has been doing. Without having to dig into complicated charts and tables, Groove will summarize your most important stats right at the top of the page. You'll see your average handle time, the rating customers give your emails, a graph of your support tickets over time and more in a glance. And if you use tags to track message topics, Groove will show what's caused the most tickets this month, so you can know where to focus your team's efforts.Groove isn't as packed with features as some customer support apps, but that's a good thing. It's a focused, simple way to support your customers, and get back to doing your most important work.


Agent Archived
Triggers when an agent is archived.
Agent Invited
Triggers when an agent is created.
Agent Replied
Triggers when an agent replies to a ticket.
Customer Added
Triggers when a customer is created.
Customer Replied
Triggers when a customer replies to a ticket.
List Tickets
Listing all tickets on your account.
Note Added
Triggers when a note is added to a ticket.
Test User Auth
Triggers when testing.
Ticket Assigned
Triggers when a ticket is assigned.
Ticket Closed
Triggers when a ticket is closed.
Ticket Deleted
Triggers when a ticket is deleted.
Ticket Moved
Triggers when a ticket is moved to a different mailbox.
Ticket Opened
Triggers when a ticket is opened.
Ticket Priority Changed
Triggers when a ticket's priority is changed.
Ticket Started
Triggers when a new ticket is created.
Ticket State Changed
Triggers when a ticket's state is changed.
Ticket Tagged
Triggers when a ticket is tagged.
Add Note
Adds a private note to an existing ticket.
Change Assigned Agent
Assigns an agent to a ticket.
Close Ticket
Changes the state of a ticket to "closed".
Create New Ticket
Starts a new ticket for your customer.
Reopen Ticket
Changes the state of a ticket to "opened".
Change Ticket State
Changes the state of a ticket, e.g. from "opened" to "closed".

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