HappyFox is a customer support, ticket support software that ensures lowest response time for all your customers queries. A really simple help desk!

Customer Support HappyFox
HappyFox is a customer support, ticket support software that ensures lowest response time for all your customers queries. A really simple help desk!
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Customer support is all about keeping your customers happy—and your support team sane. To do that, you'll need a tool that brings in your support messages from everywhere into one inbox, simplifies solving the problems your customers bring, and helps people solve their own problems automatically.HappyFox aims to do all of these things and more to make your customer support a happy experience. Along with emails, it'll bring in social media mentions, Twilio phone calls, and chat messages from the HappyFox widget you can embed on your site. For simple questions, you can preview the message and reply right from your support dashboard in seconds. Or, for more complicated tickets, you can open the ticket to add extra info about a customer or a private note to your team, categorize tickets, assign them to other team members, or write a more detailed response.Read MoreYou'll likely be able to clear a lot of your support queue out quickly with a simple message from the dashboard, but longer questions will take more time. To help simplify things, HappyFox lets you add canned replies that you can customize for a customer's needs, along with quick links to help documents you can add to emails. You can even loop in someone from another company—a support member from your supplier or partner, perhaps—if you need more help answering tickets.All that will take time, which you'll want to keep track of to know how your team is performing. HappyFox includes a timer that you can enable from your email categories, as an easy way to track the time you spend on your most important customers or a way to offer tiered, paid support based on the time it takes your team to fix a problem. Once you've enabled it, you'll see a tiny timer in the bottom of your ticket page that counts how long you spend replying to a question. You can then invoice based on the time spent on a ticket, or use the data internally to know how much time specific types of support tickets take.If you have mobile apps to support, HappyFox' HelpStack framework makes it easy to add a help center and messaging system into your iOS or Android app. It's an open-source platform you can integrate into your app, then customize its branding to match your app and fill it with knowledge base articles. Customers can also message your team right from your app, and HelpStack will add info about their device to the bottom of the ticket to help diagnose problems. Interestingly, HelpStack works with HappyFox, Zendesk, and Desk, so you can integrate it with your app and still not feel tied to any specific help desk app.The same goes for HappyFox itself. If you already have your support system setup in Zendesk or Desk, it'd be hard to want to switch to another app. HappyFox makes the move easy, though, by offering an import service that can pull in your existing contacts and conversations from either app. Then, if you ever want to move away from HappyFox, you can export your data from its robust reports. Along with the charts you'd expect of your ticket types and response types, HappyFox will also show the data in a table that you can export in CSV or Excel formats. That way, you can backup your conversations, contacts and more from HappyFox, to use in another app or analyze on your own.The most important feature in a help desk app is replying to your customers—but almost every support app covers that. HappyFox stands out through its detailed reports, time tracking, simple replies, and mobile help toolkit—tools that make your help system more valuable and help you feel safe that your data is portable if you ever decide you needed to move.


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