SupportBee is the easiest way to manage customer support emails. It helps your team collaborate & deliver friendly customer service.

Customer Support SupportBee
SupportBee is the easiest way to manage customer support emails. It helps your team collaborate & deliver friendly customer service.
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There's a million ways you could handle support—with a dedicated team, with different team members swapping out to help with support, or with an open inbox that everyone helps answer all the time. Most support apps would make you pick how many team members to include in your support tool, though, as they charge per user. Most, that is, except for SupportBee.Designed as an easy to use team inbox, SupportBee lets you include your entire company in support for no extra price. Instead of paying per team member, you'll pay for the number of support tickets you receive. You can then add extra email addresses as your company grows, to use SupportBee as the main email tool in your team.Read MoreSupportBee feels much like an email app, with your emails organized into folders and new messages showing up automatically without needing to reload the page. Open a message, and you'll see the full HTML message so you'll never miss images or links your customers share. You can organize messages with Gmail-style labels, and use familiar keyboard shortcuts to jump between messages.You might not have to jump between messages too much, though, since SupportBee can sort your inbox automatically using filters. Teach it what to watch for, and SupportBee will add labels to messages and assign them to groups or specific team members automatically. That way, when you jump into support, you'll see just the emails that you need to answer.Typing out replies to emails can be the slowest part of support, so SupportBee uses snippets to help speed things up. You can save snippets of formatted text about anything you want, using them to save greetings, signatures, feature descriptions, pricing explanations, and more. Add tags to the snippets, and SupportBee will then automatically recommend them when you're replying to emails. Instead of using a canned reply, you can add as many snippets as you need to build customized messages for each customer—and SupportBee can fill in their name and more with variables.SupportBee includes fewer features than many support tools—you won't find a tool to build a knowledge base, or built-in social network automations. Instead, it's focused on being a fast email support tool—and then you can add anything else you want. It includes an API and webhooks support, so you can connect it to your internal tools and gather support tickets from inside your apps.With everyone joining in on answering customer emails, you'll be free to experiment to find the best way to handle support tickets for your team. Whether you need everyone to join in all the time, or just want the flexibility for your developers to search and see how many times a particular issue has been mentioned, SupportBee's unlimited plans make it a breeze.


New Agent Reply
Triggers when an agent replies to a ticket.
New Comment
Triggers when a new comment is added to a ticket.
New Customer Reply
Triggers when a customer replies to a ticket.
New Ticket
Triggers when there is a New Ticket in your SupportBee account.
Create Ticket
Creates a New Ticket in your SupportBee account.
Create Ticket v2
Creates a New Ticket in your SupportBee account.

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