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Teamwork Desk makes it easy for your team to handle any customer support queries that come their way.

Customer Support Teamwork Desk
Teamwork Desk makes it easy for your team to handle any customer support queries that come their way.
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When you reach out for customer support, it's far to common to receive automated ticket ID numbers with template reply that "Our team will get back in touch as soon as possible." There's branding and links—but nothing to make the response feel personal. And yet, it's those support replies that are human and original that leave us delightfully surprised, fans of the brand despite the problem that led us to seek out support in the first place. This is the kind of support experience Teamwork Desk provides for both your team and your customers. It’s customer support software that’s lightning fast for agents and invisible to customers—a two-fold solution for better communication and stronger relationships. Going beyond traditional email support, Teamwork Desk comes with a self-service Help Docs site so you can provide 24/7 service when your customers need it. This saves them precious time searching for answers to their most common questions—your customers get help in real time without taking up more of your company's support resources. Read MoreSifting through hundreds of support emails is a pain for your team, so Teamwork Desk lets you control incoming emails by assigning them to specific inboxes. When creating a new inbox, you need to specify the inbox’s name, the email address your customers will use to send email to, and the team members that can view and access this inbox. Emails delivered to that address are then sent to the designated inbox so you can focus solely on these specific conversations. Teamwork Desk lets you create as many inboxes as needed, but you can bring them all together through the Unified inbox. This special inbox gives you a full overview of all of your tickets while segregating them into specific views. By default you can open and manage new, assigned, on-hold, solved, and closed tickets in separate views. If you’d like to include or exclude a specific inbox, you can do so within your Teamwork Desk dashboard. Inboxes included in the Unified inbox will have a green checkmark next to their name.All your support emails are processed as tickets on Teamwork Desk. Each ticket has a set of tabs and options to help you manage information and provide the support your customer needs. The top section of the ticket lets you update the ticket’s status, assignee, and priority. Right below are the main ticket tabs where you can reply to the customer, add ticket notes, and forward the ticket. Scroll down further to view the message thread, ticket attachments, tasks, customer history (tickets created previously), and ticket activity by clicking on their respective tabs. The right sidebar menu displays additional information about the customer, ticket options like type, priority and source, and followers interested in receiving updates on the ticket. Every customer's question doesn't need a unique answer, though. For the most common problems, self-service is the best way to share the same answers once and empower customers to help themselves while team focuses on higher priority issues. Teamwork Desk comes with a self-service Help Docs site where you can publish documentation and tutorials for your customers. You can use your own custom domain, logo, and brand colors so it fits your company brand, while linking it to your main website and a contact form that sends submitted questions to a specific inbox. You'll know that these customers have already seen your core tutorials—and if they email, you'll know to dig in deeper and not just recommend basic ideas.After you’ve customized your Help Docs site, you can start publishing your self-service content. Click on the Articles section from the left sidebar menu to add your first article. Take note that each account gets one free Help Docs site, but you have the option to purchase more at $20/month each if you'd like a separate site for each of your products, say. Once your team uses Teamwork Desk regularly, you’ll be able to monitor performance and evaluate results through Reports. These are insights on your team’s individual and collective performances based on metrics like ticket volume, customer happiness ratings, and average first response times. With Teamwork Desk in your support arsenal, your agents have the tools they need to provide timely and personalized support customers will love and appreciate. And with ticket and team performance insights laid out beautifully, you can easily spot opportunities to improve and enhance the service experience.


New Agent Reply
Triggers when an agent sends a new reply.
New Customer
Triggers when a new customer is created.
New Customer Reply
Triggers when a customer sends a new reply.
Customer Search
Triggers when searching for a customer.
Get Inboxes
Triggers when a list of inboxes is requested.
Get Me
Triggers when "me" info is requested.
Get Tags
Triggers when a list of tags is requested.
Get Ticket Priorities
Triggers when a list of ticket priorities is requested.
Get Ticket Sources
Triggers when a list of ticket sources is requested.
Get Ticket Statuses
Triggers when a list of ticket statuses is requested.
Get Ticket Types
Triggers when a list of ticket types is requested.
Get Users
Triggers when a list of users is requested.
Thread Edited
Triggers when a thread has been edited.
Ticket Assigned
Triggers when a ticket is assigned.
New Ticket
Triggers when a new ticket is created.
New Ticket Note
Triggers when a ticket note is created.
Ticket Search
Trigger used for the find a ticket search.
Ticket Unassigned
Triggers when a ticket is unassigned.
Add Reply to Ticket
Add a reply to a ticket.
Assign Ticket
Assigns ticket to the specified user.
Create Customer
Creates a new customer.
Create Ticket
Creates a new ticket.
Link Task to Ticket
Links a Teamwork Projects task to a ticket.
Unassign Ticket
Unassigns a ticket.
Update Customer
Updates an existing customer.
Update Ticket
Updates an existing ticket.
Find Customer
Find an existing customer by name or email address.
Find Ticket
Finds an existing ticket by ticket ID or keyword search.

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