Manifestly checklist software improves collaboration and accountability in your organization's recurring processes.

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Manifestly checklist software improves collaboration and accountability in your organization's recurring processes.
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Ever notice that you're doing the same tasks in the same order for every project? You're not alone—and that's a good thing. Standard operating procedures have been developed over the past centuries to increase reliability and help teams consistently create great products and deliver services on time. And, they keep you from missing an important task—forgetting to send an email about your new product launch might be embarrassing, but forgetting to check the size of o-ring could be disastrous.Your best bet for shipping great stuff reliably is a checklist that you and your team run through every single time. Manifestly makes it easy to build those checklists, assign tasks to the right people, and make sure everything is done before you ship your project.Read MoreYou'll start out by creating a checklist template, a list of tasks you want to do every time. Add a step, press enter, then type in the next task. Or, for an easier way, just type out a plain text list of everything you want to do with tasks on their own line, and you can import it to turn it into a checklist in one step. Then, add headings, and drag-and-drop them in the order you want to organize your tasks into sets. That's a great way to break up projects and know when to hand tasks off to others. In your task templates, you can automatically assign tasks to specific people. That way, you can have blog posts assigned to your editor, code review to your QA engineer, and more. You can also add due dates, based on the start or completion date of the list or when a previous task was finished for a smart schedule of what needs worked on. And if a task requires your team to gather data, add Collect Data to the task then make it optional or required. That way, before the task can be checked off, your team will have to add the data they've gather–a great way to handle research or QA tasks and make sure they're fully completed.Now, when you're ready to dive into a new project, just use the template and set a due date, and Manifestly will spin up a new project with all of the tasks, due dates, and assignments you've set. Or, for regular projects, just schedule them in Manifestly and it'll automatically create new copies of your template on your schedule.Your team can then work through the tasks, checking off items as they're completed and adding notes with any details about the tasks. They can even do it on the go with Manifestly's mobile apps, or from Slack with its integrations letting your team mark assigned tasks as done right from their team chat. And from Manifestly's reports, you can see what your team's accomplished and how well your checklists are working.Instead of writing down a new checklist every time you start a new projects, Manifestly lets you follow the same process every time for more consistent work that takes less time for your team to start. Don't wonder what should be done next—with a detailed checklist, you'll always know what to work on and when the project is fully finished and ready to ship.


List Checklists
Triggers when requesting a list of checklists.
Complete Checklist Run
Triggers when a checklist run is completed.
Complete Checklist Step
Triggers when a checklist step is completed.
List Checklist Steps
Triggers when requesting a list of checklist steps.
New Checklist Run
Triggers when a checklist run is started.
Test Trigger
Polls Manifestly API.
List Users
Triggers when requesting a list of users.
Run Checklist
Creates a run of a checklist.

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